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Tata Metri Herbicide (Metribuzin 70% WP)

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Technical Content – Metribuzin 70% WP

Applicable crops – Sugarcane, Potato, Tomato, Wheat

Dosage – Sugarcane-Pre-emeregence (400-500 gm/acre) Post-emergence (300 gm/acre) , For potato & tomato crop-150 gm/acre

Compatibility – Do not mix with any chemical

Frequency of application – Depends on weed stage or severity of weed. Click on ‘Need Expert Help’ button for more information.

Features – 

  • Metribuzin can be used as pre-emergence as well as post-emergence herbicide.
  • Metribuzin controls both narrow and broad leaf weeds.
Crop Stage – 
  • For Sugarcane Early post emergence:- 3-5 days after planting
  • Post emergnece :- 20-25 days after planting. for Potato & tomato 2 to 4 leaf weed stage


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