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Syngenta Hybrid Radish Ivory White seeds


Characteristics –

Size10- 12 inches long


250 GM


Early maturity hybrid (45 – 50 days)

Recommended states

Recommended states for cultivation under normal agro climatic conditions in:

Kharif   AP, AS, BR, CT, DL, GJ, HR, HP, JK, JH, KA, MP, MH, OR, PB, RJ, TN, UP, WB, TR
Rabi AP, AS, BR, CT, DL, GJ, HR, HP, JK, JH, KA, MP, MH, OR, PB, RJ, TN, UP, WB, TR

*avoid peak summer and winter


Suitability of the variety for the Area Agro Climatic Zone

All India

Selection of the field/land preparation practices

Field should be well prepared free from weeds and well drainage facility. 1-2 deep ploughing, Soil should be exposed to sunlight, 3 to 4 rounds of harrows to reach fine tilt.

Seed Treatment-rate of timing/ chemical

Seeds are treated with Carbendazim 2g + Thiram 2g per Kg of seeds.

Sowing Time

 Rabi (Winter)

Seed Rate/ Sowing method- line sowing with row to row and plant to plant distance/ direct sowing

Seed Rate: 400g to 500g per acre.

Sowing: Direct in main field

Spacing- Row to Row and Plant to Plant – 30 x 15 cm or 40 x 10 cm

Fertilizer dose with timing

Total N:P:K requirement @ 50:50:50 kg per acre.

Dose & Timing:

Basal Dose: Apply entire P and K as basal dose + 50% N

Top Dressing: 50% N at 20 days after sowing.

Weed Control- Chemicals with doses and timing

Timely weed removal is very important, need based hand weeding can be done to ensure healthy crop.

Diseases & Pest control- Chemicals with doses and timing

For effective crop control apply fungicide as per recommendation from the Department of Agriculture (plant protection) to control Damping off. Apply insecticide for the control of leaf eating cater-pillars.

Irrigation Schedule

Irrigation Frequency Depends upon –

In general, radish heads less irrigation. In heavy soils, light irrigation is suggested. It is important to have optimum moisture during harvesting.



Maturing by 55-60 days after sowing- depending on season I climate. 2-3 rounds, radish harvesting is completed.

Maturing by 55-60 days after sowing- depending on season I climate. 2-3 rounds, radish harvesting is completed.

Expected Yield of the variety

Average yield: 5-7 MT/acre ( depending on season and cultural practice)


250 GM


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