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SHINE Basil 10 Herbal Growth Enhancer

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Product Specification

Usage/Application Agriculture
Packaging Size 100ml
Target Crops Vegetables
Grade Standard Chemical Grade
Color White
Packaging Type Box
Technical Name Basil 10
Manufactured By Thakar Chemical Limited
Dosage 75ml In 200L Water
Minimum Order Quantity 20 Kg

Product Description

Product : SHINE is a modern 4th generation Herbal Plant Growth Enhances, with wide usage potential on a large number of crops, for the year round applications.

Nature : SHINE is formulated from 100 % imported Pure Nature Origin Extract “BASIL 10” which is non-toxic, harmless to the plant & soil, thus it is “ENVIRONMENTFRIENDLY”.

Functions : SHINE is a unique type of plant growth enhances which stimulates the metabolic functions in the plant, resulting in good plant health, increase of flowering for more and more yield and better quality of the produce. It retains the water within the soil and regulates absorption process for better survival in adverse and scarce water conditions.

Usages : SHINE can be used on all type of crops viz Cereals, Oil Crops, Pulses, Horticultural Crops, Fiberous Crops and Floriculture Crops etc.

Compatibility : SHINE is compatible with most Biocides in common agricultural use.

Dosage : Recommended quantity of SHINE at the rate of 75 ml in 200 ltrs of clean water per acre to be sprayed 3-4 times at the interval of 8-10 days. This dosage is recommended for all type of crops.


100 ML

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