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PerfoSizr Biostimualt (Fruits and vegetables size enhancer)


Product Specification :-

  • Fruits and vegetables size enhancer.

Benifits :- 

  • To increase the thickness and width of the leaves,
  • Increases fruit size,
  • Improves quality and yield.

Dosage :- 

  •  Spraying – 1 ml per litre of water (for vegetable / cash crops /fruit crops)
  • Use after fruit set or when the fruit is small in size.
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1 Litre, 250 ML, 500 ML

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    First Harvest- 35-30 Days Seed Quantity Per Acre-0.180-0.250 kgs Sowing Distance Between Row and Ridges-4-6 Feet Sowing Distance Between Plants-1.5-2 Feet

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